Summer 2017 Week Nine CSA and Meal Plan

We’re onto Stillman’s Farm’s summer 2017 week nine CSA, a literal rainbow of produce. This week, I brought home soo many green beans, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, a pepper, an eggplant, a summer squash, and the first CSA apples of the year!

summer 2017 week nine CSA

Storing your share

  • Corn: enjoy immediately 🙂 We call fresh corn snack corn and have that as our making-dinner snack. Keep refrigerated as sugars convert to starch (losing sweetness) quicker at room temperature than in the refrigerator.
  • Summer squash: store in one of the refrigerator produce drawers
  • Green beans: they came in the bag and I’m going to leave them in the bag until I’m ready, keeping an eye on them for any mushiness.
  • Cucumbers: store in one of the refrigerator produce drawers.
  • Eggplant: store in one of the refrigerator produce drawers.
  • Bell peppers: store in one of the refrigerator produce drawers.
  • Onions: while typically stored in a cool dark place, if not completely dry, store in the fridge
  • Tomatoes: store on the counter stem side down.
  • Apples: I like eating cold apples, so mine go right in the fridge. But you could leave them on the counter too if you’re going to eat within a few days.

What to cook

Check out my post on meal planning for how I approach using up my share each week.

Left over from last week’s farmer’s market trip, I’ve still got some beets and beet greens. From the Clean Food Club’s Facebook page today, I’m using her gorgeous beet gazpacho as a jumping off point, but I’m thinking with some avocado and my favorite salted olive oil yogurt, while the beet greens can make their way into a penne a la vodka. We got a lot of green beans this week, and I want to do something different. Inspired by some blistered green beans I once had at Myers + Chang, I’m making a green bean and chicken stir fry with noodles. With only one eggplant and two tomatoes, I think I’ll pick up another eggplant or two and another tomato and make my lazy eggplant parm, which I’ll share afterwards. An easy post-wedding celebration dish will be a simple cucumber egg salad. And for the remaining squash and pepper, I’m imagining a riff on a ballpark sausage by cooking down some squash with the peppers and onions over a slab of toasty french bread. The apples will either be eaten for breakfast whole or in oatmeal as a Spiced Apple Compote or serve as an after work snack with honeyed peanut butter. Any remaining cucumbers will get a sprinkle of flaky sea salt.

  • Thursday: Green bean and chicken stir fry
  • Friday: Penne a la vodka with beet greens (beet greens left over from last week’s farmer’s market trip)
  • Saturday: Out celebrating!
  • Sunday: Cucumber egg salad
  • Monday: Beet gazpacho (beets left over from last week’s farmer’s market trip)
  • Tuesday: Lazy eggplant parm
  • Wednesday: Ballpark sausage with sautéed peppers, summer squash, and onions

Happy cooking!

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