Summer 2017 Week Four CSA and Meal Plan

The summer 2017 week four CSA pickup brings us corn! I have heard that we are the first in the state to get corn. The first corn is something to which I always look forward.

For this week, we got some of the aforementioned corn, beautiful radishes, green beans, lettuce, kale, peppery arugula, summer squash, and raspberries.

Storing your share

  1. Lettuce greens: if starting with a head of lettuce, pull the leaves off individually and place in a bowl of cold salted water for a few minutes. It will both help to refresh the greens and loosen any dirt or tiny bugs. Stillman’s Farm does not spray their greens at all, so you might find little gnats or aphids squished between the leaves. Then spin dry, tear into bite sized pieces, and store in a large ziploc bag or tupperware container.
  2. Arugula: I usually wrap the roots in a paper towel and wrap all in a produce bag.
  3. Corn: enjoy immediately 🙂 We call fresh corn snack corn and have that as our making-dinner snack. Keep refrigerated as sugars convert to starch (losing sweetness) quicker at room temperature than in the refrigerator.
  4. Kale: put in a produce bag to store until you’re ready to use.
  5. Zucchini and summer squash: put in a produce bag to store until you’re ready to use.
  6. Green beans: they came in the bag and I’m going to leave them in the bag until I’m ready, keeping an eye on them for any mushiness.
  7. Raspberries: eat within a day or so. If you want to split them over two days, be sure to sort through and eat the slightly soft ones on day one, leaving the firmer ones for day two.

What to cook

Check out my post on meal planning for how I approach using up my share each week.

We’re not perfect and had a bit of a messy week. On Thursday, we had falafel made with beet greens. Still working on that recipe, but hopefully, I will be happy enough with it at some point to post. Last night, we had gnocchi with buttery sautéed squash. Tonight we made tacos with spiced black beans and a corn, radish, and feta salsa. Tomorrow, we’re going to make kale linguini and enjoy that with some red sauce and turkey meatballs. For a quick meal on Monday when we have other plans, we’ll make burgers from Stillman Quality Meats ground beef with a potato and green bean salad, which we’ll make tomorrow. Tuesday will be my apple, onion, and arugula pizza for which I’ll caramelize the onions tomorrow night to save some time. And finally, back to pickup day. We actually ate through our share pretty quick this week, so I am hoping we get beets or Swiss chard (or I’ll just buy some with my Stillman’s bucks) to whip up my Swiss chard penne a la vodka.

As always, check back for new recipes!

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