CSA intro series: Bringing home your share – winter edition

How you bring home your CSA share can set you up to easily, successfully, and deliciously use your share. If you’re looking for the summer edition, go here

When you pick up your CSA, I highly recommend you bring grocery totes. Your share will be given to you in a box, which is awkward to carry and you need to return the box to the farm because most farms reuse those boxes (and, I don’t know about you, but if I bring it home, I will not remember to return it). A better option is to bring a few shopping totes. And, in the case of the winter share, I also like to bring what I call my grandma cart (why? because it was my grandmother’s). Makes it easier to lug all that delicious produce home!

When you get home, lay everything out on your counter and take inventory. Make note of what you have and approximately how much, so that you know what you need to use and if you will need to use it in just one or more recipes. It’s especially helpful to keep that list visible so you can’t forget about anything – I use a kitchen whiteboard. Check to see if anything is damaged – star those items so that when you go to meal plan, you know that you will need to use those items first so to avoid spoilage.


Before putting everything away, if your potatoes came in a plastic bag, at minimum, rip a hole in it. Remove Brussels sprouts from stalk and store in a plastic produce bag. Separate leafy green tops from root vegetables. This keeps the root vegetables fresh longer – if you leave the tops on, you’ll find that your root veggies get soft quicker. Doing this also makes fitting everything into your refrigerator drawers easier. Put both tops and roots in produce bags for the fridge.

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