About Me

I’m Ellen, and I live just outside of Boston with my husband and dog, Panda. I love to cook – at the end of (most) long days, I find chopping vegetables and eating something yummy comforting and relaxing. I enjoy simple cooking, but also trying complicated and fancy recipes and everything in between.

As a junior in college, I was studying Environmental Science and joined a farm share. The share was a revelation – I was getting vegetables I had never tasted or even seen before and had to figure out how to use them. This was my introduction to more advanced and creative cooking, all in a dorm room kitchen. Sometimes vegetables got wasted and sometimes things turned out not so great, but it was an adventure.

When I moved to Boston after school, one of the first things I did was look for a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture). My previous share was only for the fall semester, but I could now have a summer share. I joined the Stillman’s Farm CSA in 2009 and have been a member ever since. I am a member of two related farms as well, Still Life Farm for a winter produce share and Stillman Quality Meats for meat and eggs.

This interest in food led me to a graduate degree in nutrition with a focus on epidemiology (the study of population diseases and causes of disease). While my understanding of nutrition is more academic than applied, I’ve taken what I’ve learned for use in my own life. I try to maximize my share and eat low on the food-chain, so my diet and what I tend to cook has shifted toward vegetarian. Mind you, I’m a gal that still loves a perfectly cooked steak or a thick slice of bacon, I just eat a lot less of that now.

If you are thinking about getting a CSA or already have one already but would like to learn to better use your ingredients, follow along with me as we work our way through the seasons.


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