Winter CSA share – January pickup

January brings pickup number four of my Still Life Farm winter CSA and 8 inches of snow. We’re really getting into winter here in New England, but somehow, we still got fresh greens! There have been years where this has not been possible, so to see greens in January is fantastic. This was all part of 23 ½ pounds of fruits and vegetables!

Winter CSA January 2017
So what did we get this time? We got a head of garlic, three onions, a bunch of kale, a bunch of bok choy, a butternut squash, an acorn squash, a pile of Brussels sprouts, a few purple diakon radishes, sweet potatoes, white and red-skinned potatoes, two purple topped turnips, a rutabaga, two handfuls of carrots, a pile of apples, a head of napa cabbage, some sprouted kale (I’m told its a kale and Brussels sprouts hybrid), a bundle of dried Thai peppers, and a beautiful purple cob of dried corn for popcorn.

For this box, I’m thinking a stir-fry or two, some pizzas, a rutabaga gratin (what?!), and some soup-like-dishes.

Follow along as I work my way through this share. Bear with me though – I am still very new to this whole blogging thing, and recipe development (and actually writing down what I do) when you have a full time job is harder than I thought!