Winter CSA share – December pickup

Pickup number three of my Still Life Farm winter CSA. While I had to shovel for the first time this morning, we still got 28 ½ lbs of fresh produce.

A head of garlic, a leek, two heads of fennel, two stalks of Brussels sprouts (one green, one purple!), 3 sweet potatoes, a bunch of arugula, 4 onions, a bunch kale, a bunch of book choy, red and white potatoes, a handful of beets, 2 sunshine squash, a mess of parsnips, a really big carnival squash, an enormous daikon radish, a gigantic head of cabbage, 2 lbs of apples, and a cob of dried corn for popcorn.

I’ll prioritize using the leek because it’s a little beaten up, then the leafy greens (arugula topped pizza is my favorite!), and then whatever I feel like.